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Question: Why does he give me an intense gaze but never approached me?
Answer: We were together for four years and she never told her family we were a couple. Solche Fremde verlieren ihr Recht auf Aufenthalt. Die Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels verringert die im Register nach Abs. Fremden, die das
Question: Was I in the wrong?
Answer: Can u do dating an Haitian. Both male facial hair and male pattern baldness are genetically based, suggesting that they contributed to fitness. The multiple fitness model provides an evolutionary interpretation of the social perception of male pattern baldness and beardedness in terms of the multidimensional meaning of physical maturational stages.
Question: What about married couples who have never had a conflict?
Answer: Wow, if any of these chics could get a guy. wow, u g l y

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Question: Are there any vegans on here?
Answer: British Accent is annoying af for me

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Question: When do I kiss him?
Answer: Could you do one aboust estonian women and men? :)

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Question: I don't know if I should message him on Facebook?
Answer: Im spanish and I love mexican one!

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Question: Girls: Favourite names for a guy?
Answer: No italian ! ahahah you are so stupid

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Question: Better to have loved than never loved before...true?
Answer: Dating Beyond Borders sure is meeting ALOT of men asking MEN how to pick up chicks lol. Smooth.

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Question: Why does it feel like everyone is always in competition?
Answer: Omg eipame re paidia den kanoume k etsi toulaxiston se mikrotero va8mo xD

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Question: Would you be disgusted?
Answer: PlZ do you know you're dating an Albanian girl when :D

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Question: Guys: are high-pitched voices unattractive?
Answer: In the DR you can find so many different accent. his accent was from the capital city and he did not read very good i can tell.

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Question: Tactful way to ask a woman if she's single?
Answer: I wil pay

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Question: How to tell if she's only dating you for the money?
Answer: That's not true, not my woman at least! THIS GUY IS TOO ADORABLE KHGSQHVKJS

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Question: How to win her back?
Answer: You know you're dating a Russian when cyka blyat rush B p90 idi nahoi

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